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Work sensor

– excavator bucket
– blade
– plow sprincle

GPS monitoring on-line:

– current vehicle position
– information whether vehicle
  is stationary or moving

Work monitoring of machines provides the knowledge for the management where the machine is located and whether has its ignition on. The sensor system monitors whether the machine actually works and use blade system or excavator bucket.

Management of the construction company can be sure that monitored machines are located at the construction site and execute given tasks.

System monitoring implementation allows to capture any off work company’s equipment usage often at the expence of the employer.

Report of real refueling

– amount of fuel tanked
– date and place of refueling


Refueling report in GPS monitoring system FleetGo provides ability to assign fuel invoices to a real tanking events.

Because of it it is possible to eliminate fuel invoices without registered “coverage”.

Monitoring of the fuel tank makes it possible to register any fuel loss report it in a form of the alert (e-mail or sms) to the fleet manager and so the fuel steel becomes impossible.

Reduction of the fuel expences in construction companies, after GPS system monitoring implementation FleetGo, provides savings of about 35% – 45%.



– about entering or leaving defined zone

– about vehicles moves outside acceptible hours

24-hours monitoring of geographical position allows to limit the risk of the expensive construction machines, often being left for a night at the construction site. Additional power supply will ensure uninterupted machine operationFleetGo up to 7 days from main batter disconnection (safety switch) .

Alerting module sends alarm information through e-mail or SMS technology.

FleetGo system can alarm about user defined events, e.g.: about entering or leasing define geographical zone, or switching on the machine ignition outsite allowed working time zone.